Sophie Zhang
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It was a rough year but I'm thankful I had the opportunity and time to work and develop my artistic skills. Here are some of my most polished pieces, mostly created during quarantine.

<i>In Our Hands</i>, 2020, Oil on canvas <i><q>the whiteboard</q></i>, 2020, Dry-erase marker on whiteboard <i>aspire</i>, Oil on canvas <i>Hypercomplex Mandelbulb fractals III</i>, Softology's Visions of Chaos
<i>ladybug</i>, 2020, Digital painting <i>sunset</i>, 2020, Gouache on paper <i>october fruit basket</i>, 2020, Gouache on paper
<i>faces I</i>, 2020, Pencil crayon on paper <i>blueberries</i>, 2020, Ballpoint pen on paper <i>lighthouse</i>, 2020, Gouache on paper
<i>koi fish</i>, 2020, Gouache on paper <i>Hypercomplex Mandelbulb fractals II</i>, Softology's Visions of Chaos <i>growth</i>, 2020, Digital animation